Trenda’s Story

Trenda had the light. She took in strays all the time.

Animals & people. Folks as she would say were, ‘Just lost, that’s all…’

 They came & went like clockwork. Most of them tweeking or drinking. Dopin’ & smokin’…

Each with a different story, none of them telling the truth.

 I was taken in at first. I bought all her crying & tears of pain. Poor iddy-biddy Trenda, been on the streets for a quarter of a century now…

 She was cute, in a petite sort of fashion. There was nothing to her. A super fast metabolism, tiny frame all fuelled by regular snorts of meth. Speed. Ice.

 She made out that she was in control. That she knew how to take care of herself. That she didn’t need a man.

 Yet she’d come a sobbing to me three days after the initial buzz. The confounded wiring, no sleep, dehydrated, can’t eat phase & then the guilt sets in…

 I knew from personal experience, so I did not judge. But, I honestly rationalized & reminded people that a wrong turn down the tracks never ended well for anyone. Jail. Death….

Believe me, I’m living proof. I’d listen patiently the first couple of times…Hmmming & Ahhhing, you poor dear. Here is some water, food, a cigarette….

Then she met Don, the wealthy guy. I was a little suspicious at first. He seemed to know her every move. Showed up when least expected, possibly stalking her. Women on the street are so very vulnerable…

 But, he gave her incentives. Here’s $6 if you stop smoking (not going to happen, but nice try). He refused to buy her smokes. Gift cards for food alone. He kept a smart phone turned on for her. She must have played him well, because he watched over her & helped her out a lot…

 $30 here, $40 there…always making sure that it was to be spent on things she needed.

 But, it only takes a $20. That’s all you need for a two day buzz is a $20 bill…

 She confided in me. Every detail of her creek activities…was she trying to titillate me? Entice me in to her way of life. Misery loves company, don’t you know???

 I couldn’t be sure…Could I even believe her? Although she really had no reason to lie to me, so I thought…

 On the spot confessionals, therapy, counselor, listener, nurse.

 Who would have thought? People seek me out & tell me everything…

 And I mean, EVERYTHING…

#helenbirdart photography & writing 2010-present day



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