Art for art’s sake….

Such expression is often described as autotelic, a word of Greek origin meaning ‘complete in itself’.

This concept is used to describe people who are internally driven, self

motivated with a sense of purpose and curiosity.

It differs from being externally driven where things such as money, comfort, power and fame are the

motivating forces at play. A person who is considered autotelic needs little

distraction from the world. They require fewer material possessions. Comfort,

power and fame are simply not important because they are completely rewarded by

what they do. Their lives  have a fluidity in relationships, with other

people, when purely going about activities of daily life. They are invariably

never bored and find themselves constantly involved with all

around them and engaged in the current of daily life.

 To be an artist for art’s sake!

To be so content and at peace with the world because of your

creativity. Could there be anything better to attain in life?


thewaycalledbeautiful by Helen Bird is now available on

inksanity by Helen Bird Art is now available on why call my collection ‘inksanity’??? ‘Because I draw best when under duress!’ Thanks Helen


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