amuse yourself

this piece took over two years from start to finish…

Amusement Park Mind ink 2012-2014

Amusement Park Mind
ink 2012-2014


7 thoughts on “amuse yourself

  1. Reblogged this on Big Red Carpet Nursing and commented:
    So many details! Such a mystery : “Why this? Why here?” for each detail among countless details. Creativity is a deep mystery : hence the idea of Muses. Mythical of course, yet perhaps the most coherent explanation to date. What do you think?

    • yes! much appreciated and concurred…sometimes it does seem completely random, often starting that way then morphing in to something more tangible! thank you for your comment and my apologies for the slow response, I just found this today! what a ninny I am!

  2. 2 years, this must be almost like a your baby to you. Nice piece by the way, should I call it abstract? Don´t really know too much but I like the colours and the movements in the picture, it does seem to have sort of a flow to it. That´s my own personal untrained opinion about art.

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