sick of myself

struggling lately…art helps and thank you my fellow bloggers.

'I can't believe its not butter madness' mixed media  helenbirdart 2014

‘I can’t believe its not butter madness’
mixed media
helenbirdart 2014


5 thoughts on “sick of myself

  1. Sick of yourself in what way? From what?

    I glance over your posts and am thinking your charitable efforts are wearing you down, perhaps. This art is your therapy. And, you favor the abstract because reality gets you down. Would that be a fair assessment?

    So, maybe you’re not sick of yourself but the weight you put on your shoulders? I get the feeling (like me) the world gets you down. And, you throw yourself into nursing and charity to get your mind off the worst of it…but there’s excess stress in the loving effort, too.

    You have a sort of Kandinsky quality to your emotional work.

    • thank you so much for your extremely accurate assessment of me, my art and everything. I really needed to hear your words this morning…angels come in all shapes and sizes, thanks again. it’s so easy to get lost in all the bull**** but a kind word, a smile even from a stranger can snap you right back.

  2. Sometimes if not all the time our daily life duties weight us down very heavily causing lots of stress and is not easy to pick ourselves up and go on day after day after day…but you found a corner for yourself where you can express all that you feel and share it and that is a GOOD thing! You are a beautiful, loving soul and your art is one way to express what needs to be expressed…

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