through the square window

British TV used to air a children’s show called Play School and the intro went something like this…

“A house, with a door, 1 2 3 4, ready to play, what’s the day? It’s…” In this version blinds opened on the windows as the numbers were spoken.The blinds were no longer featured towards the end of the 1970’s and the word “windows” was added before “1 2 3 4″. The final opening sequence involved a multicoloured house with no apparent windows. This was used from 1983 until the end of the programme (in 1988)” Wikipedia


I mean, really…

‘windows 1 2 3 4…and a multicoloured house with no ‘apparent’ windows’. Maybe this is where all my abstract thought and nonsense came from…early programming of socialist British kids?

And there’s a sliver of a chance that, due to an eerie overlap where ‘windows’ was used a lot on the show and a 1970’s audience of young, impressionable minds present, could the word windows be subliminally recalled in favor of Microsoft? (but thankfully instead of the words interface manager)

And then I realized a blog or two ago, I’d rambled on about some wood tile thingies that I painted black, stuck to and then later on removed from the canvas, only to include three photos of the same by mistake. These are the very same pieces I was thinking of using on the floor of the caravan. I like the idea of a mirror or a mosaic in the middle.

don't be a square


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