As many of you know, I work on a very limited budget and my studio/work space is a 26 foot motorhome that I share with my husband and poodle puppy dog…needless to say, there are challenges!

I find framing my art hard…and tedious, too. 

I’m always looking for unique ways to present my work but understand that the frame of a piece can be a very personal choice for the buyer….where in their home? what color? the logistics?

I stress about it and it sure doesn’t help if you throw in a little creative OCD and perfectionism.

So, when I receive a compliment like this… 

Finally got a framer working on the mounting for the King of Zing and The Queen of Zing. The two paintings will share a single framing that the computer graphic indicates is gonna be spectacular. The paintings drew quite a crowd in the framing studio. The artisan doing the work declared they were “museum quality.” We knew that, already. Got a spot cleared in a prime spot on my living room wall. Great work, Helen, and thank you, again”.

I am able to relax…and know that it’s the painting that matters.

This morning, I want to take a moment to thank all my patrons and supporters. You are my inspiration!

And, if you are waiting on a piece of Bird Art to arrive in the mail,

          THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE…You won’t be disappointed!Image


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